Made in Germany
OCEAN-Float 12 DB-HTTP HDPE OCEAN-Non-Float 12 Braided OCEAN-Float Tow OCEAN-Float HMPE OCEAN-Float 12 Double Braided OCEAN-Float 12 Braided OCEAN-Float 8 Strong DURA-Float ATLAS®-Rope DURA-Winchline Closing rope Hoist rope Deck crane Winch rope Traction rope Hoist rope Boom hoist Closing rope Hoist rope Boom hoist Closing rope Hoist rope Hoist rope Boom hoist Boom hoist Trolley rope Hoist rope Hoist rope Boom hoist Closing rope Hoist rope Boom hoist Sling rope Grabber Crane load lifting Mobile crane Rotating gantry crane Bulk-handling crane Folding crane Indoor crane Crawler crane Rotating Tower Crane Wakeboard facility Hoist rope Hoist rope Boom hoist Ramp falls Lifeboat Falls Closing rope Hoist rope Hoist rope Hoist rope Boom hoist Trolley rope Container crane Stacker crane VanCarrier Lock
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Your strongest tie to your business

We have enhanced our reputation even further as a developer of good ideas: The ATLAS®-Rope was developed together with Bayer AG as long ago as the 1960s. This special mooring line is now a standard product and is complemented by the DURA-Winchline, which we have been producing at Drahtseilwerk Bremerhaven since 1995.

We manufacture for you:

  • Ropes and strands, Ø 0.90 mm – Ø 84 mm, available with a bright, galvanized, heavy galvanized or Galfan®-coated finish, as well as in stainless steel and special materials.
  • Ropes made of compacted strands for shipping and industry.
  • Ropes for the oil and offshore industries, as well as strands for the cable industry.
  • Rotation-resistant special wire ropes, Ø 7 mm – Ø 56 mm, for mobile cranes, tower cranes and deck cranes.
  • ATLAS®-Ropes for shipping, made of monofilaments and yarns from Perlon Monofil GmbH. The outstanding quality of the fabrication, coupled with punctual delivery and strict adherence to deadlines, has been our trademark for more than 80 years, forming the basis for keeping our customers satisfied.

Optimised DIN ropes and proprietary developments are kept in stock. All required ropes can be manufactured to your individual requirements. Get in touch with us.

In the pre-assembly department, ropes are cut to length to suit customer requirements and fitted with ferrules, hand splices and poured sockets.

In Germany, our products can be purchased from specialist wholesalers. Or you can visit us in Bremerhaven and gain a personal impression of our ideas, work, quality and service. We look forward to meeting you and wish you a very warm welcome to Bremerhaven!