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The innovator is also the manufacturer

Together with a special division at Bayer (which over the years became the market leader Perlon Nextrusion), we developed the revolutionary ATLAS® rope as long ago as the 1960s. The cordage comprises monofilaments and multifilaments. Polyamide monofilament ropes have for years been serving as mooring lines for meeting the toughest requirements with outstanding characteristics such as UV resistance, abrasion resistance, suitability for winches and high breaking loads.

ATLAS® ropes are synthetic stranded ropes which combine the attributes of wire ropes and fibre ropes. They are dimensionally stable, flexible, require no maintenance, and are resistant to corrosion and seawater. Their elongation characteristics lie roughly between those for steel wire and polyamide. ATLAS® ropes have been proving themselves for many years in harsh everyday conditions on the world‘s biggest container vessels, multipurpose vessels and cruise ships.

The one and only ATLAS®

Our practical experience: When working with more than one type of rope, it has been found that it is only the ATLAS® ropes that are under tension and are actually being stressed. The other lines are often only used because the regulations demand it and hang loose without taking up any force.

Our idea makes life easier for crew members working on deck

ATLAS® ropes are easier for the crew to handle and they can finish their mooring operations much more quickly.

The effective ATLAS® rope is an innovation of Perlon Nextrusion and Drahtseilwerk.

The best rope for automatic winches

Coiled ATLAS® ropes are perfect for reeling onto mooring winches. They possess an outstanding bending cycle strength and can be stowed when damp. Even acids and oils cannot affect the material. ATLAS® ropes do not absorb any fluids.

Their excellent abrasion resistance is particularly worth mentioning. After a short period of use, the initial friction causes a kind of fluff to develop around the rope, which enables it to slide over winches and rollers with an especially low level of abrasion. A surprising degree of elasticity for an exceptional front-to-back ratio (even in rough seas), high tear strength and a remarkable resistance to corrosion and seawater result in an extraordinary longevity. Even after a few years of use, ATLAS® ropes still have a residual tensile strength of up to 85%.

Classified by the best

Our ropes are supplied with test certificates, which we issue in cooperation with the ABS, DNV GL, BV, RINA, LR, RMRS, Klaas NK and CGS classification societies.

Overview technical data
ø 24 – 96 mm
kg / m 0.40 – 5.85 kg / m
MBL mp 13.0 – 190.0
MBL daN 127.50 – 1863.90

Type of lay: cross with filling thread

Specific properties
Application: Shipping


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